Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jumping Castles and Balloons

I had the privilege of being invited to a very special event on Saturday: Tanesha's 5th birthday party! I was so excited, because I love Tanesha. She reminds me a little bit of myself at 5: fabulous and maybe a little bit of a diva. Saturday was forecast to be 40 degrees Celcius (that's about 104 degress Farenheit for all you non-metric users). So, instead of the party being at the Krause's house, it was at the Ministry Centre. The place was decked out with tons of balloons, streamers, and food! Outside there was a jumping castle, or a bounce house, for all the kids to play on in the boiling heat. The grown-ups were nice and cool, sitting inside with the air conditioning. Tanesha opened her presents as soon as people got there with them--she just couldn't wait! After about two hours of running, screaming, jumping, eating, chatting, and playing, everyone was ready go home for a nap, including me!

Three of the four Krause kids: Jacques (10), Sebastian (6), and Tanesha (5).

The Birthday Girl and Me

Caitlin and Tanesha making funny faces

Already best friends

Brother and Sister


  1. They are so big!! I can't believe Tanesha is already 5.

  2. "she reminds me a little bit of myself at 5: fabulous and maybe a little bit of a diva." <-- love this!

    I miss you girl and good to read about more of your life down under. Praying for you as always! Keep shining that Light!

  3. Wow, that's quite a birthday party!