Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really, Really Want

There is no better way to go back to school than with a great scavenger hunt with your best buddies. Which, is what TREK youth did last Sunday afternoon to kick-off the school year. We broke into five teams of 4-7 people to get started.
We had two hours to complete as many tasks as possible. Amanda Edginton and I lead a team of girls: Sara (13), Emma (13), and Amber (19). The first challenge we did was to come up with a team song/chant. Since we had five girls, we decided we definitely should do a Spice Girls song. And, you can’t sing Spice Girls without costumes! (The hilarious video is at the bottom.) We were having such a great time singing, that we barely had time for the rest of our challenges. But, we did manage to roll down a hill (without throwing up), spell out a word with our bodies, go to the beach, re-enact a commercial, and take a picture with a policeman, all the while laughing hysterically. We met up with the other teams at the ministry centre after we reached our time limit. We all had pizza for dinner, and hung out for a little longer. We found out the following Wednesday that we tied for 2nd place!!! Not to shabby for five fabulous girls with a lot of attitude.

Challenge: Take a picture at the top of the Scillion at Terrigal.

Challenge: Take a picture with someone from church doing something hilarious.
Check. Definitley Check.

Not a challenge. Just a cute photo of two cute girls!

Challenge: Take a picture of someone in a costume.
We ARE the Spice Girls.

Challenge: Create a team song or chant to show your superiority over the other teams.
Check, duh.


  1. I'm stealing some of those ideas for the next TOE, which happens to be a scavenger hunt ;)

  2. You know I love costumes, so I definitely love this activity and post! So funny!! Miss you!

  3. Yeah Diva!! Get it, girl! Next time we play Guitar Hero you're wearing that costume!! :D love ya! Keep it up!