Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home is...

- snuggling with your new baby niece.
- taking walks with your sister-in-law.
- going to a Ranger game with your family wearing matching t-shirts.
- being picked up from the airport in the church van.
- driving around in a green Honda with Nebraska plates.
- going to Wal-mart at midnight...and then an hour later because you forgot something.
- summer bbqs with friends.
- holding hands in church.
- eating Chicken Express twice in one week.
- praying before dinner.
- Grandma Jackson hugs.
- Rt. 44 Sonic drinks with easy ice during happy hour.
- Buffalo Wild Wings on a Thursday night.
- two triple dates.
- staying up until 2 am talking and laughing with old friends.
- getting a pedicure with your best friend, your mom.
- laughing over old stories with your cousins.
- Singing along to country music on the radio.
- spending 5 days in a row with your childhood best friend, but that's still not enough.
- Pilsbury cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning.
- mom's brisket at a church potluck.
- ESPN on non-stop.
- adopted parents driving 3 hours just to see you off at the airport.
- taking naps with your dad.
- the aching feeling in your heart when you leave.

I was blessed to have 3 weeks of furlough to visit friends, family, and a few places I call home. Two weeks in Arlington, one week in Edmond, and a weekend in Stillwater. It was a great couple of weeks, but also crazy couple of weeks trying to spend time with as many people as possible! Though I came back exhausted, I came back rested and refreshed, feelings that only come from spending time at home. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to have a break and go home, and I wouldn't have traded the last 3 weeks for anything!