Sunday, June 6, 2010

Balcony People

I was first introduced to the concept of balcony people by none other than JGray, Sr. Balcony people are the people who watch your life from the balcony of theater. They watch you grow and change from a distance or from a different time. They aren't on stage with you living out the action, but there are quietly taking it all in from a higher perspective. They lift you up in prayer, giving you not only all of their power but also envoking a Higher Power. You may not see them much in real life or ever, but you know they are always cheering you on from the cheap seats.
Of course the balcony if filled with family members like crazy aunts and even crazier great aunts, cousins and moms, and grandpas who have passed away. But it's also filled with people who aren't related to you. These are the people who have chosen to sit in your balcony and love you even though they don't really have to.
I have been blessed to have full balcony for years--a childhood preacher and his wife who are angels on earth, influential professors and deans who pushed me to be better, a high school best friend who kept me sane through that crazy 4 years, an old youth minister and his wife who recognized their relationship with me didn't end because I graduated, parents of college roommates, church family who has known me since I was born. These people, and so many more, all make up the non-family section of my balcony.
I was reminded last weekend of another couple who is in my balcony: Kent and Nancy Hartman. I first was introduced to Nancy as my mom's college roommate when I was in college. Through this connection, I got to know the Hartmans better. They convinced me to go on a campaign to Gosford, Australia which led to this life changing decision of being a HIM worker. After spending a couple of days with them, I was reminded of what an impact they have had on my life. They are so wise about missions, having a deeper relationship with God, and reaching out to others. They inspire me to be a better servant and think on a bigger scale. The Hartmans have chosen to sit in my balcony and take an interest in my life. I know when I accomplish something great or need a little encouragement, I can look up from the bright and stressful events of the stage and see them in the top level. Always there, standing firm.


  1. Great post! I love the Hartmans and I love you!

  2. This encouraged me :) I like the concept of Balcony People...I have to say though I'm glad you get to be part of my cast rather than sitting in the balcony :D love you girl xxx