Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Bliss

I'll be honest: I was actually dreading my birthday. I'm not Ashley Prybyloski who thinks their birthday is a holiday (love you Ash), but I do usually look forward to it. But this year, being in a different country away from most of my family and friends, I was kind of hoping that I could just fast forward or sleep through June 3rd. Alas, my Aussie friends wouldn't let me and I ended up having one of the best birthdays ever!
I spent my actual birthday with several of my great friends. I went out to lunch (Maccas, duh) and shopping at Erina with Sara Moad, instead of our usual Thursday bible study. It was so fun to try on clothes and catch up over french fries. Throughout the day, I had calls from Ghana and Japan wishing me happy birthday, as well as more facebook messages and emails than I can count! I felt even more special that people remembered I am a day ahead in Australia and remembered my birthday a day before. That afternoon Jamie Canham came up from Sydney to hang out, which was such a blast! This girl has become one of my best friends in Australia! Despite going to OC together for 3ish years, it took us moving across the world to make us friends. That night, Jamie, Jenn (who also came up from Sydney), Amber, Anne and I went out to see a movie and out to dinner. Being the fabulous friends that they are, they brought along extra diet coke so I could have "refills!" We went back to my house for presents, a sinfully delicious chocolate cake, and games. Gotta love playing Yahtzee and Mexican Train until 1 am.
My birthday month continued last Saturday night. Dan and Mel have been talking about throwing me a Texas birthday party for months, and they succeeded! With the help Joy, Amber, Anne, and so many people, they decked out the ministry centre to show love for my two homes: Texas and Australia. People young and old from the church came decked out in their plaid shirts, hats, and boots. Everyone brought delicious "Texas" food, which included lots of queso and every kind of dip you can think of, quesadillas, bacon wrapped chiles, sopapilla cheesecake, peanut butter pie, and so much more! After everyone had eaten, we all sat down and watched video messages from some of my friends in the States! It was so special! Then I had to break open a pinata in the shape of a cowboy boot. It took me a few tries and I almost severely injured a 2 year old, but it finally came open! After all of the lollies had been gathered up, the lights went out and 2 gorgeous cakes were put in front of me--one was decorated as the Australian flag and one was decorated as the Texas flag! They were perfect, thanks to the professionals, Joy and Mel! The night ended up with Anne and I teaching everyone how to do the Electric Slide. They don't do it in Australia! A few of us have decided that our next major event is going to be a barn dance with bush dancing (which is like square dancing) this summer! The best part of the night was just spending time with all of these wonderful people who have become family. I felt so blessed as each family came through the doors with their country clothes on, a plate of food, and a big hug for me.
I think my birthday spree has officially ended, but it was a great 2 weeks! I am so thankful to have so many loving and caring friends and family spanning the world!

With all my cupcake presents!
Delicious chocolate cake made by Jamie.
The pinata
Wonderfully talented cake creators!
Amber, Mel and Me in our cowboy clothes


  1. How fun! That sounds like an amazing birthday! You look beautiful and we can't WAIT to see you later this summer.

  2. I am so glad you had a great birthday!! Alex and I actually had a talk about those videos last night. Haha. Love you JGray! See you soon!

  3. I wish that you could have seen the adorable birthday videos my kids created for you over here. Too bad the interent is too slow to send them. I tried for HOURS and HOURS multiple times!!

  4. hahahaha you injured a 2 year old??

  5. Jenny! I'm so glad you had a great birthday. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend. Praying for you sis!