Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where's my Dad when I need him?

I never liked doing laundry. Luckily, I had this amazing dad who specialized in laundry and ironing, while I was growing up. In college, I would save up weeks of dirty clothes before going home to visit. It wasn’t the putting the clothes in the washing machine part that I hated, but the remembering to put them in the dryer. Then after they’re dry, you have to fold them or hang them up—ANNOYING!

Here in Australia, laundry is even more tricky because I don’t use a dryer (okay, I do sometimes, but not very much). Electricity is very expensive, so one way people save on their bill is by hanging their clothes to dry on a clothesline outside or racks inside. Clothes can dry in a few hours outside on a hot, sunny day! I don’t hang my clothes outside much because I usually do my laundry at non-sunny times (like at night when I am home), and if I’m really honest it’s because I just can’t be bothered going outside. My usual routine is to hang clean clothes on racks in my spare bedroom. In a few days, Abra-cadabra, they are dry. Clothing racks are great for my clothes, but not for big things like sheets and towels. Last week, I had people stay at my house 2 separate nights, so I was definitely in need of washing some linen. Monday, my day off, I washed the sheets and towels since it was actually daylight and sunny, and I knew I could hang them outside on the clothesline. As I was hanging the clothes up, I felt a slight, nice breeze coming up over the bay blowing my hair, and I heard ducks quacking and seagulls crying out, and I was struck with this awesome moment of peace. I decided I did like hanging my clothes on the line, because it allows me to be outside and forces me to appreciate this gorgeous place I get to live in. So, I am vowing to become a regular clothesline user. Now, about that ironing…I’m still waiting for my dad to come over here and take that job off my hands!


  1. I was really disappointed when I realized that people in Vienna don't hang their clothes outside. Almost everyone uses racks indoors. I'm glad you're going to try to take your laundry outdoors more often. :)

  2. with a view like yours outback, I'm surprised you don't like to sunbathe back there! good to know you haven't "saved up" your dirty laundry for your mother... or wait, did you??? :P

  3. How do you think the Burkett's would feel if I did that here? ha