Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here Comes Goodbye

At 8:00pm tonight, a plane left Sydney International Airport bound for China. My friend and fellow HIM worker, Sammie Marshall, was on the plane heading home (via China after a visit with her twin sister). She spent the last 20 months serving the Warringah Church of Christ in Sydney, as well as volunteering several hours a week in the community. Though Sammie and I never really knew each other at OC, we have become great friends since I’ve been here. She has been there to offer advice, listen to me vent, and save my life on numerous occasions. Sammie taught me a lot about faith and trusting God even in the hardest of times. When I first got to Australia in September, Sammie had just returned from visiting home. But instead of coming back from a happy, carefree furlough, she came back from burying her brother. Despite the loss and grief she experienced, she still came back to serve—God and the Church. One person at her farewell party said it best, “Sammie, you have become part of our lives and our church. When you leave, a part of our church has gone, too.”

I will miss you, Sammie, but I know that God has amazing things planned for you, more than all you could ask for or imagine. May you go with God as He leads you to the next place He wants you to serve.

Our last hurrah as HIM workers. We went to Maccas of course.

Jenn and Amber were jealous that we kicked them out of our picture, so they took their own.

Love these two!

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  1. Thanks Jenny! Love ya and am praying for you!