Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cornicopia of Goodness

Bring on Thanksgiving! I am now officially ready to celebrate my favorite holiday after coming home to a lovely brown box from Arlington, Texas sitting on my doorstep. I was giddy as I ripped open the box to find my treasures. Nestled against about 20 snack size boxes of Hot Tamales were the Thanksgiving must-haves you cannot get in Australia: cornbread mix, stuffing mix, and french fried onions. Yummy! Oh how I missed cornbread! The box also included a Texas Rangers American League Champions t-shirt (finally!), an order from Gap (despite what they say, I don't really think they ship internationally...), a new necklace (my mom has good taste), a Texas shaped cookie cutter (gotta represent), and a note scrawled by my Grandma Jackson. It was like heaven. THANK YOU, THANK YOU JGray Sr and Slick, you are way too good to me and I love you so much!

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  1. Sweet. I'll be thinking of you during thanksgiving. that was one of the hardest times for me.