Monday, November 15, 2010

Beyonce and Kelly

My good mate (no, I am not Australian enough to say it, but I can type it), Amber Drew, turned the big 2-0 two weeks ago. Though I am late, I still wanted to comemorate her day of birth (in 1990! she is such a baby) with a list of 20 things I love about her!

What I Love About Amber Drew:
1. She loves the Ninja Turtles more than anything else.
2. She practically lives at my flat.
3. She would marry Jack Johnson in a heartbeat.
4. Her family talks about poo and farts at the dinner table.
5. She has seen a grand total of five movies in her life: Shrek, The Mask, Mean Girls, Baby Mama, and Into the Wild (I'm working in this one, don't worry).
6. She moved 12 hours away from her family and home to do STAMP (Short Term Australian Missions Program) and learn more about God and serving others.
7. She has been to the great state of Texas, and knows the beauty that is Sonic.
8. She lets me tag along on family holidays to Tasmania.
9. She has a small crush on Tina Fey, and can't stop quoting her movies.
10. She is a talented guitar player.
11. She rides shot gun in my car, and is starting to like Lady Antebellum.
12. She hates to make decisions...about anything.
13. Her guilty pleasure is Destiny's Child.
14. She is a great listener, but also tells me when I need to get over something.
15. She challenges me to be a better person and to live more like JC.
16. She is a proud owner of Toms Shoes.
17. She dreams big in terms of what the Kingdom can and will do in Australia.
18. She makes a mean lasagna.
19. She forces me to experience Australian traditions like ANZAC Day Dawn Services.
20. She keeps me up all night long laughing so hard, I almost cry.

My favorite moments with Amba:
Amber's parents and she stayed at my house when they were visiting Amber in June. We had so much fun sharing my flat and seeing the sights on the Central Coast.
We do this everyday.

Beyonce and Kelly

Driving two hours to Campbelltown and two hours back in one night.
My first rugby game, supporting the Sydney Roosters.
Going to a million camps together.
Freezing our tushies at the Mariners Game.

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