Sunday, July 18, 2010


Last weekend, I was privileged to attend a camp on the Gold Coast of Queensland. (I know, right? I could make a career out of going to church camps all over Australia). Five of us Gosfordians set out from the Central Coast Friday morning at 8 am. After over 700 kms, two trips to Maccas, one drunk man insulting customers in the Subway line, and 9 hours of driving, we finally arrived at the camp. It was such an amazing weekend, and I was able to catch up with many people I hadn’t seen since attending Camp Gidawarra in Queensland after Christmas. Also at the camp were two campaign groups—one from Harding and one from Lipscomb. Ironically, I met a second cousin of the Watson-Hawley family from Harding, and played spades with her. I felt like I was back in Mexico! I also saw the Gentry family from none other than good ole Arlington, Texas. Todd Gentry used to be one of the main organizers of Arlington Work Camp, which I attended for 6 years and led one year while in college. I couldn’t believe it as soon as I saw Todd, his wife Debbie, and Tyler. Though we never knew each other well , we all recognized each other and had friends in common. The weekend retreat was filled with great teaching from Peter Randall and awesome singing. Many of the songs I hadn’t sung since I had been here in Australia. I was asked to lead one of the small groups, which met 4 times throughout the weekend. We had a great group of teen and young adult girls who had lots of great insights and discussions into having a real relationship with God. One of my favourite things about the weekend was the gorgeous weather! It was so warm in Queensland that we were able to wear flip flops and go to the beach on the Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t warm enough to swim, but we still enjoyed soaking up the sun and watch the people play ultimate Frisbee. We finally headed back South on Sunday after worship. We left about noon and didn’t arrive back until about 11:30 pm. Though it was a quick trip and lots of driving, I was so blessed by this weekend.
The Gosford crew hanging out at the beach: Anne, Tim, Cam, Me, and Amber.

My lifesaver and co-pilot on the long drive home.

Amber and Peter being Amber and Peter.

We saw a double rainbow while we were driving to Queensland on Friday. We were in the middle of nowhere and could see both ends of it! So beautiful.

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