Monday, May 10, 2010

JGray Sr.

I'm not sure when it happened. I'm not sure at what moment my mom went from being my worst enemy and to my best friend. In high school, we battled it out over everything to length of my shorts to who's turn it was to clean the bathroom. Sometime during my senior year, I stopped slamming doors and rolling my eyes, and our relationship changed. I didn't realize how much I depended on and loved my mom until I went away to OC. Watching your parents drive away after they have moved you into a not-so-luxurious freshmen dorm and left you with a roommate you barely know is one of the worst feelings ever. At the end of the first week being away from home, I realized I had called my mom every day. I never in a million years thought I would be that kind of girl, but I definitley am.
Thanks to my clever Dad, my mom and I have the same first name. At times it's slightly annoying to share a name, but the rest of the time, I am proud to call such an amazing woman my mom. She's the one whose top priority is to love and serve God above anything else. She's the one who goes to Africa at least once a year (this year it's 3 times) to spread her knowledge about HIV and AIDs to people who really need to hear it. She's the one who drops everything to take care of her Dad, when he is in the hospital for 3 months. She is the one who teaches bible class on a regular basis, and is always writing cards to people who need encouragement. She is the the one screaming the loudest during your baseball games, and she is the one swoops in to save the day when you have to move out of your apartment in 24 hours and nothing is packed. She stays up late on Thursday nights so she can skype with you. She's the one who talks you off the ledge when you think stress might actually push you over the edge. She's the one who brushes your hair off your face as you cry into her lap over a boy. She's the one who drives 4 hours to watch Spring Sing, just to turn around and drive right back the same night. She's the only one who truly understands my love for diet coke. She's the best and she's my mom.
The more places I go and the more people I meet, I realize that I have it so good. I am so blessed to have a great relationship with the lady who's literally been with me from the beginning. No matter the distance or time change or miles, I always carry her in my heart.


  1. Jenny, this post is so PRECIOUS. Brought a tear to my eye, for real. I love that you value your mom and your relationship with her. Don't take it for granted but treasure every second. Make sure you ask her all sorts of questions about how annoying you were as a kid, when you started to walk and all that stuff only moms know. I hope you have many many years with her. I'm glad to know you, JGray Jr. your mom must be very proud.

  2. I've got a few tears going right now! You are so blessed and I have really cherished getting to know your mom better this year. She kind of thinks a lot of you, too. :) Love both the JGrays!

  3. Aside from my own mother, I think that your mom has influence my faith more than any other woman I know. I remember a girls' class she taught when I was in junior high and how she used to take a group to a nursing home each month to celebrate the residents' birthdays. Her stories of Africa also helped shape my interest in missions. You're truly a lucky girl!